1. What are the advantages of selling and buying on Giant Centre?

Giant Centre offers a host of features with abundant advantages like:

  • It gives complete Business Solution and hand holds to establish selling network.
  • Bulk selling- Sell in wholesale in the B2B segment
  • Sell in Domestic and International markets
  • End to End logistics -Door pick up and Door drop
  • Additional "Value added" services to Sellers
  • Product cataloguing
  • Working Capital Finance.
  • Marketing & Promotional support
  • Quality Assurance & Verified Seller Certification services

2. Why sell on Giant Centre?

  • We are O2O selling platform in India, to cater to exclusive B2B (Business to Business) buying and selling of goods & products.
  • Giant Centre wholesale or B2B portal connects the Buyers as well as Suppliers- Manufacturers, SME,MSME and wholesalers into one online platform and benefiting both to the maximum from the business.
  • Sell in major types of Consumer and Commercial products’ categories
  • Sell in domestic and international markets
  • Enhanced marketplace features like product comparisons, Request for quote, Price negotiations, unlike the present B2B websites providing only directory listing of suppliers, wholesalers & manufacturers
  • Choice of logistics mode
  • Choice of payment option and
  • Hassle free exports

3. Who can sell on Giant Centre?

Any overseas Manufacturer, Trader-Retailers and Wholesalers dealing in new and genuine products can sell on Giant Centre.

4. Is it possible to change my contact email later?

You cannot update the login email, but it is possible to only update the primary contact email. We will correspond with you on the primary contact email only. You can update it on the Manage Profile page after you have completed your registration.

5. Why do I have to varify my Mobile Number?

The contact number you have provided now will be set as your login contact number and primary contact number. You can use your login contact number to log on to your Giant Centre Seller account. You will receive all communications from Giant Centre on the primary contact number

6. How much do I pay to join Giant Centre?

As per our different packages, you can choose the option.


7. What are the Documents required for registering as Seller on Giant Centre?

  • We collect certain KYC documents during the Seller on boarding process on our website pertaining to your business and your personal details as the Signatory and user of our website.
  • These documents are required to identify you as a genuine buyer or seller on our website and to verify the authenticity of your business.
  • Giant Centre strictly values your privacy and adheres to safeguarding our customers and Sellers confidential information & maintains utmost secrecy. The details so submitted are meant strictly only for the authentication process during the Seller on boarding process and will not be shared and /or traded with any external agency or third party unless and until required by provisions of law.
  • Company Registration certificate
  • Trade Mark/ Copy Right Certificate
  • Authorised signatory copy.

If all the relevant documents are correctly uploaded and are as per requirement, the documents verification process usually takes 2-3 working days. In case the documents are not in order, then we may request you to upload the correct relevant document and then enable the verification process again. The status of the document verification will be visible on your dashboard.

8. What if want to more than one location listed as my pick up location ? Will I face any problem if my pick up address is different from my registered TIN/VAT/GST?

Yes, it is possible to list more than one branch or warehouse as your pickup location within the same state. However, TIN/VAT/GST registration number for the additional locations should be the same as mentioned in your TIN registration certificate submitted earlier. For pick up locations not within the same state, you need to furnish us the TIN/ VAT/GST registration details for the location of your additional warehouse(s). In all cases, the Branch/warehouse location address, pin codes and Bank details with documentary evidence need to be submitted for verification and prior approval from Giant Centre before its listing.

9. Is updating my TIN/TAN/VAT/PAN/GST allowed later on?

Yes, you can update the PAN/TIN/TAN details on the Edit Profile page after you have completed the registration steps. But the documents need to be verified by us. After the documents are verified, you can raise a ticket with Seller Support Team to update the documents. Till then, your account will remain in the suspended mode awaiting our approval of the revised documents.


10. Why is the status of my account registration 'Pending' or 'Inactive' ?

The status of an account could be pending because of the following reasons:

  • Registration steps are incomplete
  • Your payment towards Registration fees or any services opted by you is pending
  • Manage Profile is not filled out
  • Verifications are pending
  • Bank account details mismatch
  • Primary phone number mismatch
  • Primary email address mismatch
  • Area Pin Code is not serviced by Giant Centre You can comply with the above KYC process to help Giant Centre reactivate your Seller account registration process
  • You can comply with the above KYC process to help Giant Centre reactivate your Seller account registration process

11. What does a 'Blacklisted' account status means ?

A blacklisted account means you will not be allowed to log on to your account. Once blacklisted, your will not be able to access your Seller account and your products will no longer be visible on Giant Centre website. Your account can get blacklisted because of the following reasons:

  • Selling prohibited products
  • Selling fake products
  • Selling branded products without brand owners’ confirmation in writing
  • Breach of contract or terms and conditions
  • Repeated default in orders execution
  • Threat and abuse
  • Fake claims /reviews/ratings
  • Consistent negative customer feedback
  • High number of disputes


12. What product will be sold on Giant Centre ?

Different kind of prodcts relating to construction material including furniture and Lights, Electronics, General Merchandise Etc.

13. How do I start building my online store ? How does it works ?

An on-line store is a ready-to-sell catalog of products. Giant Centre system automatically creates your on-line store based on product information supplied by you.
All you need to do is to :

  • Decide the Main Category your product falls in
  • Decide the sub-category of your products till the last drop down level
  • Fill in the product Name, specifications, packing size, dimensions etc. as required in the list
  • You will need to upload product images of HD quality
  • Also, include product uses, features, dimensions and other defining characteristics
  • Set your minimum order and maximum order quantities per lot
  • Intimate the delivery information for your product(s) to ship the order or deliver to our warehouse.


14. What kind of packing material should I use to pack my product?

  • Presently, the seller is expected to use standard cost effective packing material for his products at his own cost keeping the following in mind
  • Packages should be easy to stack for storage, conveyance, and shipping
  • Rectangular-shaped packaging with square corners is preferred.
  • Protective-Packaging ensures a product can move through distribution undamaged including transportation to the Buyers destination or Giant Centre warehouse
  • Package panels must be flat and free of extrusions, windows, and cut- outs. Non-metal straps or bands are permitted to provide structural integrity to the outer package
  • Packaging must be sealed and capable of shipping to an end customer without additional protection with the preferred sealing method for regular boxes is 2.0”- 3.0” packaging tape. Staples are not allowed as a sealing method.
  • Packaging must have markings essential to distribution and fulfilment such as barcode, product description, and regulatory markings as Sellers and Buyers name and address etc.
  • Shipper must be right-sized to fit contents with no more than 2.0’’ (50 mm) of packaging material surrounding the product
  • Easy-to-Open- All contents can be removed from the package within 120 seconds
  • Packaging does not contain blister packs, plastic inserts, wire ties, packaging peanuts, shredded paper, or sealed clamshell

15. How to dispatch my products?

Either Directly to the Buyers Address or to Our Designated Forwarders Warehouse in your country.

16. Product Quality and pre-delivery inspection ?

If Requested by Buyer then our authrised Reresentative will inspect the goods before shipment.

17. Who will handle customer service?

Giant Centre will facilitate you to respond to customers' concerns efficiently through your Seller dashboard. You will have the opportunity to address your Buyer’s queries through a Chat window or Email


18. Buyers Protection?

Not satisfied with your purchase? Facing an issue with your purchased item? If Yes,
Giant Centre runs a very comprehensive Buyer Protection program so that you are 100% protected on your purchases.. At Giant Centre, trust is the foremost thing for each transaction. To extend this trust to buyers, we offer Buyer Protection, which is based on four pillars i.e.
Secure Payments
Guaranteed Product Quality
Easy Returns and replacement Reliable Merchants


  • The product must have been bought on the Giant Centre website through its registered sellers only.
  • The payment and order fulfillment should also have been done through the Giant Centre and its authorized service provider’s website only.
  • TAll “Returns and Replacement” policies will work if claimed in accordance with terms and conditions of Sale.

20. Order Cancellation Policy ?

Normally Not Possible, but in case of emergency we can discuss with Supplier and try to find out the best possible solution.

21. Return Policy ?

No Returns. Or as per specific suppliers policy mentioned in Order

22. Replacement Policy?

In case of inferior goods, replacement can be managed as per company policy.

23. Refund Policy ?

If any refunds has been confirmed then within 15 Days of it's confirmation, it will be credited in the bank account provided by the related party.